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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

 Personal Contributor: Jerry & Peggy Cole 5.0 Contributor: Ruth 5.0

 Google Contributor: Drene 5.0

"When Val says she is a full-service realtor, she really means it.  It was a pleasure working with her during the sale of our home.  We consider her not only our realtor but a friend!  We highly recommend her for realty services."

"!'ve been working with Valerie for a couple of years now and she is a great real estate agent! My favorite thing about Valerie  professionally is that she not only cares about fulfilling her customers 'wish list' but she also considers their well-being in every aspect of the search. It's a very unique 'caregiving' type of customer service which to me, gives credibility as to why she's called, 'The Real Estate Doctor'. It suits her for sure!"

"Did a good job; answered all needs; returns calls promptly; friendly person, thank
you, Valerie."

 Personal Contributor: Les & Penny G.

 Personal Contributor: Michael & Rosalba M.

 Personal Contributor: Ed & Bev V.

"Thank you, Valerie for all you have done to make it possible for us to find the perfect home for the rest of our retirement years. You had our trust and confidence from the beginning, and we appreciated your knowledge and fortitude. It was a pleasure working with you and we will definitely recommend you to anyone who might need the success of a realtor. Thanks again for everything!” 

"Valerie was first to respond to our request to see several listings in Scottish Highlands. She went way beyond the extra mile making herself available, being flexible, keeping in touch and us informed. She is the most efficient and personable agent I have ever worked with. We really can't compliment her personal service enough. She has our highest recommendation!"

"When we met Valerie, she was very professional, helpful, informative, and friendly. She was also the best realtor we have dealt with and she made the process go smoothly. We would definitely recommend her to everyone."

 Personal Contributor: Richard P.

 Personal Contributor: John & Claire G.

 Personal Contributor: Kathleen M.

"Valerie came highly recommended from a competing RE Agency. Without Valerie's experience and persistence, the deal would have fallen through. When you provide excellent service there is nothing more to add. I would absolutely recommend Valerie to anyone looking for a realtor."

"We met Valerie after seeing one of her signs. She was always available and answered our questions. She helped us beyond what we needed and was always friendly, even when we drove her crazy! We have already recommended her to all our friends!"

"We met Valerie at an open house on Skye Court. We appreciated her personality,  knowledge, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. They say there is always room for improvement but in our case we can't see how that is possible. We would definitely recommend Valerie as an agent 100%!"

 Personal Contributor: Al N.

 Personal Contributor: Joan W.

 Personal Contributor: Judy L.

"I chose Valerie after seeing how many homes she had ‘moved’ and the effort she put forth to sell. I realized she was committed to her position and works hard at it. My experience with Valerie was very complete and my property sold quickly. I very much recommend Valerie as a real estate agent."

"Valerie, thank you for all you did for us during our home purchase. You certainly went above and beyond our expectations and we thank you so much. We're finally getting settled. Our blessings to you!

"When I attempted to sell my home in Scottish Highlands, I dealt with a variety of lookers for several weeks who were simply curious. Exposure of my property was limited, and the experience was very frustrating. Subsequently, after interviewing several agents, I engaged with Valerie Foerst, and from the onset of our relationship, it was apparent that Valerie was an expert in her field. I was impressed with her many years of experience in real estate. Of greater importance, was the time she spent marketing the sale of my property, including a thorough analysis of the current housing market, preparation of an excellent virtual tour, and several open houses. I also benefited from the multiple listings.  Valerie was sensitive to the timeline regarding my anticipated move and approached the sale of my home aggressively. She kept me informed of all progress and I strongly recommend Valerie Foerst as a realtor!"

 Zillow Contributor: Debaellis 5.0

"She was knowledgeable about the targeted locations. She did an amazing job, making sure the correct steps were being completed by the mortgage company. She listened to us and did not try to fit us into a home, that she felt was the one for us. She did a great job of pointing out features and issues, during our house hunting. She made herself available and responded to our calls and emails. She was also courteous and patient. We highly, recommend her and will use her again, if the need arises for us to sell."

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